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Monday, 27 December 2010

♥ Chains Are Broken

Leaves are falling down, on the beautiful ground,
I heard the story of a simple man.

I said the waves are blowing down, such a beautiful sound,
So you better feel the place.

Season holiday, sighting by the bay,
She helps me find a way.

Thoughts swing like merry-go-round, the mind could randomly sound,
The mystical answer found.

Desirous situation undergoes condensation,
Result of chemical reaction.

Temptation seems delicious, how to be conscious,
Struggle ain't gracious.

Smooth body texture, soft lips moisture,
Contact is wildly tactual.

Also, gorgeous hair, skin that's healthily fair,
Is it love or affair?

Hardly stop the lust feast, conscience is decreased.
Who can save the beast?

Just the mighty Saviour's grace, when it falls upon my face,
I'm so amazed.

Salvation that's free, I no longer have to flee,
Heaven filled with glee.

It's the truth for the city with emotion so wealthy,
To gain back sanity.

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