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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

♥ Kill Hatred with Love

Her disappointment on you,
Gulps your soul and weaken your will.
Concern failed, it was the carelessness revealed,
Blaming yourself doesn’t help or kill.

At least that’s how guilt work.
You so care how she cares,
So shame on you, the mistake maker.
How much does she mean to you exactly?

You see, you don’t get a clue and that’s ironic.
All I know that you would think of her everyday,
She might have been in your heart.
Please, only Heaven knows.

She hates you, that’s the end of the story,
Perhaps she will love you tomorrow however,
You just have to love her forever.
Hatred won’t stay, maybe love too.

You just need to work it out!
Show more your care, young man,
As people don’t care how much you know or do
Until they know how much you care…

I’m so sorry for you. :(

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